Fitness Fusion Class

Our Fitness Fusion class is not just a's an experience! We get sweaty, frustrated, and motivated all in one session. We laugh, love, inspire each other, and dance...we love to dance! We have tons of energy while jamming to some awesome tunes.

Join us for our signature Fitness Fusion Class combining:

Yoga | Pilates | Strength Training | Weight Training | Cardio | Barre

The best part...our classes are for ALL LEVELS!!! We pride ourselves in making the Footprints experience comfortable for everyone so whether you're a beginner or a veteran, our workouts are for YOU! Our classes are conveniently located on the Mid City/Lakeview border in beautiful City Park at Gernon Brown Recreation Center.

Burn off those Nola treats and hangover calories by JOINING THE JOURNEY with us! Remember, the hardest part is committing to SHOW UP...we'll handle the rest! You can purchase a Class Pack or sign up for a drop in class below.