2 Years & Counting... Footprints Anniversary

Where do we begin? A couple of years ago, I started Footprints after growing frustrated with not being able to reach more people with the passion I have for health and wellness. I was inspired to touch people's lives in a greater way so I set out with that dream, which has now become a reality. From time to time people ask about what our company is and why I do what I do. I'll answer some of those questions for y'all to give you a glimpse into my creative and crazy mind!

Why the name Footprints To Fitness?

This question is very special to me since I don't always get to explain the foundation of our name. 'Footprints in the Sand' is my favorite story and has stuck with me since I was a little scrappy girl beating boys in basketball and dancing/singing like no one was watching! The story is about a man meeting God after his death and reflecting about his time on Earth. It's ironic that the story is set on the beach as I write this blog in that exact atmosphere listening to the tide. The man gets frustrated that during the hardest times of his life he only saw one set of footprints and two when things were great. He yells at God asking why He would leave him during his struggles instead of walking along side him for support.

There's an iconic line at the end which states, "during the times you only saw one set of footprints it was then that I carried you!" I get chills just thinking about it. Something so simple, yet powerful, touched my core and kept reappearing in my life. I even have a tattoo of tiny footprints to remind me of my journey. I wanted to be this person for others; helping them along their journeys through difficult times or just enhancing their growth. Following that passion has allowed me to inspire and be inspired by others.

*Why "To Fitness"? When most hear the word FITNESS they think about looking good and being in shape, but I view it a little differently. Being fit connects with our overall health and well being. If we aren't emotionally or mentally fit we aren't able to become the best versions of ourselves. The same is for our physical state. Footprints To Fitness is about traveling the journey to find your true balance.

How do you do all of this alone?

That's an easy one...I DON'T! Our Footprints team is a small and amazing one.

Jarrod, who is my partner in crime, business, and life is amazing! If it weren't for him I wouldn't be writing a blog on our website because I'm technically challenged! He keeps me balanced when I struggle with knowing which next steps to take or question why I'm even on this mission at all. I could go on & on, but for those of you who know him are well aware that he's a man of mystery...hence why his photo on our website is another international man of mystery: Archer.

Jarrod's Headshot!

Jarrod's Headshot!


Quinn, our photographer extraordinaire & friend, is the cutie behind the camera. Her creativity & support has allowed others to visually connect with our Footprints mission. I reassure people at our events that Quinn isn't creepily taking photos, but capturing greatness with her lens.

XO Quinntographer

XO Quinntographer

Kayla the Curator

Kayla the Curator

Kayla is our Marketing & Wellness Associate. She's a 'jack of all trades' and someone who knows how to get things done. When I'm stuck with making a decision she's always there to give her honest opinion and creative touch!

Brain & beauty do exist.

My parents are also offer constant support and have been my biggest cheerleaders since I was born. It may have something to do with me having their genes, but who knows! They drives me crazy, love and inspire me to be better. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mama & Papa Footprints

Mama & Papa Footprints


What keeps you going?

It's always weird hearing that what we're doing inspires others (in a good way of course), because I don't always allow myself to reflect on the bigger picture. As we all know, life can be challenging, which makes it difficult to take time for yourself. My goal is to create an environment where people feel comfortable and no two faces are alike. It brings our team joy seeing the different types of people that "Join The Journey" with us because it's a true representation of New Orleans...a gumbo pot!

Having the support of our family, friends, clients, participants, and followers is something that we'll always cherish What started as my baby is growing into an expressive toddler...one that can be frustrating at times to control, but makes me happy God blessed me with this amazing journey. 

What's your ultimate vision for Footprints?

Most are well aware of my love for New Orleans and all things fun! Desire breeds discipline, but that doesn't mean you can't Treat Ya' Self along the way! What was once one fitness class has grown into weekly workouts, events, corporate wellness, nutrition & beauty tips, bachelorette parties and so much more. Our Footprints Krewe is a community that's open to change and supporting one another...and cocktails, we love cocktails! 

We're so much more than fitness and our ultimate mission is to be your go to health and wellness lifestyle source! We're always working to enhance resources to take care of your mind, body, and spirit because one isn't more important than the other. We have lots of great experiences in store so stay tuned!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about our Footprints family and support our crazy ideas. We are happy to celebrate this anniversary with you. Don't forget to Treat Ya' Self!