4 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat

Let's talk BELLY FAT! When analyzing the placement of fat many aren't educated on the health risks it presents when it's located in certain areas. Belly fat is both unflattering and can be very dangerous for your health. It can cause hormonal imbalance and inflammatory issues along with many other issues, such as blood sugar abnormality (triggering diabetes) and heart disease. Here are 4 ways to reduce belly fat:


Foods containing mono and polyunsaturated fats, such as oils, nuts, avocados and dark chocolate, are less likely to be stored as belly fat than trans or saturated fats. It's simpler than you think to incorporate into your diet. Sprinkle some almonds over your favorite yogurt or use vinegar and olive oil to top your salad!


Switching your habits such as eating brown rice instead of white or whole wheat bread instead of white. Studies show that people who began incorporating grains into their daily diets lost belly fat. This is because whole grains cause less insulin spikes, which lower belly fat.


Higher fiber intake is associated with a lower percentage of belly fat. The reason is because fiber (both soluble and insoluble types) plays a huge role in your digestive tract. It promotes regularity, a feeling of fullness, and delays the absorption of sugars, fat and cholesterol. Watch out, fiber can create a large amount of gas in your body so make sure you stay hydrated and have a balanced diet.


Tofu greatly aids in reduction of belly fat because of its high content of soy isoflavones. Grab yourself some soy milk, soy ice cream (in moderation of course), or go straight for the tofu.

Remember that having a not-so-tight tummy is not the end of the world, but it doesn't have to a permanent condition either. Whether you have washboard abs or a little muffin top, what's important is that you are doing what you can to be as healthy as you'd like to be. So if you are unhappy with your pooch, take these tips and wage war on unwanted belly fat!