5 Ways To Live In The Moment

We all have the same goal in mind…SUCCESS!! We want to make money, we want to find love, we want to be able to afford that luxury vacation. We want it all.  But sometimes these goals interfere with us living in the moment and enjoying life right now. Here are 5 ways to put down the bills, the busy work, and the planner and just live in the moment.

1.     Treat Yo’self!

Whether it be a shopping spree, a trip to the bakery, or a day at the spa, it is important that you remember that you deserve a reward sometimes. Giving time and effort to help others is essential for you to live a fuller life, but don’t forget that you need a treat too. Recognize your talents and dreams. Set time aside to better yourself. After all, the most important relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.

2.     “Just Breathe”

Deadlines, and Bills, and Bosses Oh My! Life often seems to take a toll on us, and we have those moments when we question our ability to handle its challenges. Just breathe. In and out. Close your eyes. Listen to a guided meditation. Just be present in the moment and reflect on your life choices. If you are happy, keep going. If you are not happy, decide in that moment to change.

3.     Dance it Out!

Life is hard. This is true. But no worries, dance it out with a friend or two! According to the website The National Elf, music therapy helps decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression because it allows people to express themselves in a way that words cannot. So when you are at a low point, call up your best friends, drink up that $8 wine from CVS and dance like its 1999 to your favorite Prince album!!


From my own personal experience this is my favorite method of dealing with stress. (http://www.nationalelfservice.net/mental-health/anxiety/music-therapy-can-reduce-symptoms-of-depression/)

4.      Put Down the Social Media!

I’m sure this is not the first time you are seeing this message, and it probably will not be the last. And yes, this is a message for all ages. Social Media is not a sin or a plague, but too much of anything is not healthy. If you feel yourself constantly waiting to be distracted by your cell phone or laptop, put it down and seek out more face-to-face interaction with the people around you. Try to meet up with your frenemy from high school and laugh about the silly arguments you had over coffee. Enjoy those dinner table conversations with your family. Be present. You don’t wanna end up like this guy:

5.      The glass is always full

We’ve all heard the phrase “The glass is half full, not empty,” but what if I told you the glass is always full.  Take a moment and look at the sunset, take in the beauty of your surroundings. Be thankful for the blessing in your life. Try to focus more on what you have accomplished and the good things in your life rather than the not-so-good. Make a list of all your blessings. Each blessing is another reason to be alive. These are the things that keep your life full.

Each of these tips have come from personal experience, and each one of these gives me the motivation to get up everyday and keep moving. Come up with some of your own self-loving remedies and share them with your friends and family to add a little sunshine to their lives too!