Seeking Inspiration: 7 Ways to Get Motivated


How do you get in the mood? No, not that mood... I meant the mood to workout! Staying motivated is often hard. There are so many obstacles including work, kids, fatigue, or other stresses that can make it difficult to want to exercise.

Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can employ to get you pumped to "get up, get out and do something". Here are some ideas to help you find a way to workout out even when you aren't totally psyched to be active.

Tie Workouts to Rewards

Many people have tried to create habits by punishing themselves when they engage in bad behavior. For example: You can't eat that delicious slice of cake because you didn't go to the gym today. 

A much better way to think about it is to use a reward as a motivator. It's called "temptation bundling". As freakonomics explains:

"'Temptation bundling': the idea of tying together two activities ā€” one you should do but may avoid; and one you love to do but isnā€™t necessarily productive."

This way you get to "treat yo' self" and get in shape at the same time. So instead of the above example, try something like this: I will only watch episodes of my favorite TV show while on the treadmill.

Other Online Inspiration

Many people follow fitness blogs or social media pages for inspiration. While that may work most of the time, sometimes it helps to look to instagram pages or websites to get in the spirit. Whether it's an IG page with incredible skyline views or a panda playing in the snow, just feeling good about yourself and the awe and wonder in the world can be a great way to catch the workout bug. 

Do What You Love

It has been said time and time again, but the "best workout" is the one you will do. So instead of forcing yourself to run when you hate running, or lifting weights when you can't stand pumping iron, try doing a challenging activity that you will ENJOY! Take up rock climbing, ride your bike, or even join a sports league. Whatever it is, it's sure to be better than sitting at home and eating nachos.

Set It and Forget It

Accountability is one of the most important parts of staying healthy. One way to stay accountable is to stay organized. Schedule workouts in your calendar - maybe add some of those annoying pop-up reminders - to help your fitness plan stay on your mind. It may be a nuisance at first, but once you get used to a schedule that includes working out, it will be much easier to continue the trend.

Stay in Style

Look good, feel good. Grab your best workout clothes and have a quick fashion show in the mirror. Once you feel like a runway model or an action hero, you are good to go get your sweat on. 

Extreme close-up of Dwayne's fashion face

Extreme close-up of Dwayne's fashion face

Kicking ass AND remaining sylish

Kicking ass AND remaining sylish

Let the Music Move You

Put on your favorite workout music before you hit the gym or the trail and get pumped without the pressure. Music can certainly change your mood and what better way to get inspired than cranking up the Kenny Loggins?

Grab a Buddy

A friend in need of a workout is a friend indeed. If you know someone who needs to stay in shape or have a friend who loves to workout even more than you do, give them a call and let them be your workout partner. Alternatively, if you don't like to workout out alone, find a group to join and get going. Maybe a group training class, group bike ride or yoga studio near you is more your style. Friends don't let friends workout alone. 

As you can see, there are tons of ways to keep you disciplined and motivated. Find what works for you to keep at it to maintain a balanced life.