A Day At The Harvest Wine Festival 2018

What does one do when there’s a wine and food festival near the beach? Duh, stock up on snacks and take a road trip. That’s exactly what Jarrod and I did this weekend as we embarked on a getaway to Watercolor, Florida. How have a never heard of this gorgeous town? It’s right outside of Destin, which I visit yearly because a girl needs her beach fix! Special thanks to New Orleans Magazine for tickets to this awesome event.

Self-care is so important and as an entrepreneur I have to plan everything in order to stay on track. These days, traveling is usually work related, so it was a treat to have a little fun a few hours away from home. Enough about me. Let’s talk about the festival, which also had a great charitable component to it. Most larger events we host at Footprints also benefit a nonprofit, so this was special to see.

The Harvest Wine & Food Festival is a three day event produced by the Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation (DCWAF). It showcased over 400 wines across the Gulf Coast and great food to match. It doesn’t hurt that it takes place in the beach town of WaterColor in Florida. Many vendors asked where we were from and when shared New Orleans there was mutual joy, because they know us New Orleanians love to eat and drink!

Wine Fest Entrance.jpg

The weather was perfect and so were the food and wine pairings. Not a wine lover? No worries because there’s was something for everyone. Vodka, Bourbon, Gin, and more! From the moment we walked in everyone was so happy and relaxed. I guess great weather, wine, and food will do that to ya! We grabbed our wine glass, awesome swag bag, and were ready to learn.

First stop, sangria-ville. A selection of both red and white had Jarrod and I both excited! Unfortunately, I can’t drink red wine nowadays because it tends to give me severe headaches. This actually happens to many people due to the way most wines are fermented. I had white and Jarrod had red. They were both great and I appreciated the vendor sharing details from production to which foods pair best with each choice. This was a standard experience for the wine and spirit vendors. These aficionados know their products and as a fellow food and spirit lover I greatly appreciated the attention to detail.


Second stop, the eats! Food is a must when that many spirits are involved. As “veganish” foodies, there were a few options for us. We still eat seafood occasionally so we were in luck. Sushi, fish tacos, and bloody marys were at the top of the list. (Hey, the garnishes in the bloody mary count and I’m sticking to that!)

Music Man.jpg


We continued to visit so many vendors and each had a wonderful story to share. Spirits are an experience. Just as each barrel and grape are unique, so are our adventures. This spur of the moment trip taught both Jarrod and I to be more adventurous. Yes, planning is great, but getting outside of your comfort zone allows you to grow. I tried several wines and blends that I wouldn’t normally gravitate to and thoroughly enjoyed many of them.  

Festivals of any kind are great because there’s so many options to choose from. Food, spirits, music, and more. There’s something for everyone! So the next time you go to order the same entrée or drink, think about trying something new. You may just find a new adventure!