Why Any Workout Is Better Than No Workout

It's old saying, but it remains true - "Any workout is better than no workout!" So the next time you need a reason to get off your butt, try to keep the following in mind:

1.    Moving your mouth does not count as exercising your jaw. 

Except when you’re out of breath from a hard workout. 


2.    Watching Scandal doesn’t burn calories…


Unless you are watching it while on a treadmill. 


3.    Horizontal running does not count as cardio. 

Doing bicycle crunches is a great alternative.


4.    Your workout at the gym still counts even if you don’t tweet about it. 

Running burns more calories than tweeting or texting. 


It may not always be easy to stay active, but it's certainly always worth it. So go out and have a healthy day!