Benefits of Peppermint Tea

Hey Footprinters, April here! This topic may be your "cup of tea" if you're open to the idea. Can you survive without your cup of coffee in the morning?  Many of you would answer a huge NO :)  We know that coffee is high in caffeine and does give us energy, but we can also become addicted to it.

TEA is a great alternative and still gives you the boost you need to start your day.  Does regular tea sound boring?  If it does, you can try PEPPERMINT TEA.  It has a great taste and won't stain your teeth like your favorite "Cup of Joe" does.  Check out the benefits of this healthy alternative. 


1. Decreases or eliminates motion sickness and nausea

2. Increases function of the digestive system

3. Treats bowel syndrome

4. Treats oily skin

5. Cures skin irritation

6. Heals acne

7. Stimulates hair growth

8. Gives you energy

9. Relieves gas and bloating

10. Breaks down plaque along your teeth and gums


So the next time you need a boost, trade that "Cup of Joe" in for a PEPPERMINT TEA. 

Don't forget to Treat Ya' Self!