Healthy Tips for The Traveler

I travel a lot for work. I enjoy it for the most part, but one of the tough things about it is trying to maintain an otherwise healthy lifestyle when I am away from home base. Although it's difficult, it can definitely be done! To that end, here are some tips to stay healthy when traveling.

Start Early


They say the early bird 'gets the worm' and they is definitely true when it comes to traveling. One of the most important things to do when traveling is get your day started on the right track. I like to take an early morning class, and eat a healthy breakfast whenever possible. Just like any other time, this mentality helps you make good decisions later in the day. Even if you are not planning to workout, a healthy breakfast steers you in the right direction for your day.


Just because you are on vacation or not on your normal schedule, doesn't mean you can't workout. As soon as I check in and unpack I head to check out the hotel 'gym'. I put that in quotes because most of the time a hotel workout space is far from Equinox

Still, it doesn't mean you can't get in your workout time. Most of these gyms have enough space and equipment for you to be able to perform a solid exercise routine. At the very least, there is always a treadmill. As another option, you can always workout in your room when you have time. Also, take some time to just stretch before you hit the road again or catch the next flight.

Try Something New

I will often take a trip as an opportunity to try a nearby yoga studio or a different workout class than I normally would when at home. It's a good way to meet new people and since every city is different, there are often many new options. 

Alternatively, I will often go for a swim in the hotel pool - that is of course if there isn't a beach nearby. You could also take a walk. Exploring a new city on foot is a fantastic way to learn your way around and also get some exercise. Its also good to walk some of those cheat meals I might indulge in during my travels.

Me on vacay

Me on vacay

Maintain Nutritional Balance

It is so easy to stray away from a good diet when you aren't home. You can't meal plan, you don't always know which restaurants have good options, and you often default to whatever is easy and indulgent. 

As mentioned above, a good way to counterbalance this is to start with a good early breakfast. In addition to that, what I like to do is balance my meals out. When you are in a good food city, or just in unfamiliar surroundings, try to keep your unhealthy meals to a self set limit. If I eat a an overindulgent brunch, I'll tend to have a salad or something veggie heavy and light later in the day. Balance goes a long way to make you feel good in foreign terrain. Speaking of balance...


Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, any trip can be a great time to take it easy for a while. If you are in a tourist heavy location, do all your 'touristy' stuff on one day and take the other days to chill out a bit. Maybe visit a spa, lay out on a beach or take some time to decompress in you hotel room for a while in between adventures. Whatever you do, build in some relaxation and recovery time.

Get Comfortable

Road trips and flights can be intolerable at times. If you are like me, backaches and neck pain can be a killer when sitting for long periods. To alleviate these issues, try a sciatica pillow for those long car rides and a comfy neck pillow for planes. They might look silly, but you will thank yourself later when you aren't suffering from debilitating pain. 

At the end of the day, staying healthy when traveling is about being committed to treating yourself well always, not just when it's convenient.Try these tips and see if you can upgrade your adventures. It is not always easy, but it is always worth it.