Top 10 Benefits of Avocados

Now that I've used my cheesy pun card for the day let's get to the good stuff. Today's healthy tip is all about AVOCADOS!  They're great and have many health benefits!  

This green treat is great as a salad topper, side item, or even as the main course.  My favorite is making an avocado spread to top my toast for a midday snack. Avocados are good fats and helps lower cholesterol. Here are the: 


  1. Healthy Cholesterol Level

  2. Healthy Blood Pressure

  3. Healthy Blood Sugar

  4. Healthy Pregnancy

  5. Cancer Protection

  6. Aids Digestion

  7. Healthy Heart

  8. Healthy Brain

  9. Healthy Eyes

  10. Natural Anti-Aging Food

Now that you know, let's get to eating healthy...Nola style! Make some avocado toast and top it with a pinch on Zatarain's Creole Seasoning (a family favorite). Enjoy!

Treat Yo' Self,