How To Become A Morning Person

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't just apply to physical health.  We must focus on our entire being.  This includes taking care of ourselves mentally and emotionally. So, I reluctantly signed up to take a FREE 28 day course on "How To Become A Morning Person"...I also used the hash tag ‪#‎AllergicToMornings‬ lol. That should tell you that this will be a very challenging experience for me.  This week's "Healthy Tip of the Week" I'll share my experience and lessons I've learned to use helpful tips to transform your life.

This week I've learned a great lesson. Here's the breakdown from the course:


People fail in succeeding towards their goals for two reasons:

They’re not realistic.

Ex: “I’m going to go to the gym 5 days a week”, when you don’t go at all right now.

They’re not specific.

Using the example of “being healthy.” How do you define health? How will you know if you’re successful?
Choosing poor goals sets us up for failure, with the negative consequences that we stop believing in ourselves. There’s always a voice at the back of our mind saying, “Sure – but you’re not really going to follow through”.

Now, lets use these examples to focus on how we can become a "morning person" and better our lives.

Setting small, realistic goals for yourself is a great way to SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS.

Ex: My home is dirty. I'm going to clean it. Many people feel overwhelmed accepting this task so you can JUST START WITH ONE ROOM. By doing this you won't feel overwhelmed. In fact, you'll feel accomplished when you complete the task, causing you to want to achieve that feeling again.

After you've set a REALISTIC, small goal for yourself. SPEAK IT INTO ACTION...

I am becoming a morning person because I ____________

Make sure you share your lifestyle change w/ others so they can hold you ACCOUNTABLE. Accountability is EVERYTHING & it's the reason why I'm so passionate about helping people become healthier.

I hope this helps. Check out this awesome site and ‪#‎JoinTheJourney‬ with me.

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