Hydration Therapy 101

Have you ever heard of Hydration Therapy? Well, I made myself a guinea pig, as I often do, to test out if this form of therapy real does work. The things I do for my Footprinters :). Total Body Energy is a new medical spa in Metairie, specializing in this innovative procedure that's been used for years by athletes and medical professionals.

What is Hydration Therapy?

Hydration aka "Intravenous" Therapy is a process where fluids are infused directly into the bloodstream using a minimally invasive procedure. IV hydration allows 100% of the nutrients administered to be absorbed immediately, giving a boost of energy while creating balance in the body. 

Why choose Hydration Therapy?

IV therapy is the most effective and quickest way to get nutrients into the body. Many of us take multivitamins or oral supplements regularly, which are great, but by taking them orally we decrease the actual amount of nutrients we receive. Unfortunately our bodies release most of the oral supplements we take by way of urination and defecation. Fun stuff to talk about, I know! By getting IV therapy you allow the body to get the full amount of nutrients it needs to stay balanced and healthy.  

Compare IV Therapy to having a cocktail. By the time you're finished your first drink, you begin feeling your body transition to an altered state. This is because the alcohol is being absorbed directly to your bloodstream, causing you to feel a little loosey goosey! 

What does Hydration Therapy help?

Levels nutrient imbalance


Managing weight



Joint pain


How often do you need it?

IV nutrients can remain in your body for several hours to several days, but the effects of supplementing your body with vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients can last weeks or even months. It depends on the combination of nutrients you receive.

How long does it take?

Since I live such a busy lifestyle it's very important that whatever I do is efficient and worth my time. I received the express treatment, which only took about 45 minutes. The more fluids you receive, usually the lengthier the session will be.

What was my overall experience?

I always speak honestly and today's not the day for me to stop. So, I've been wanting to try this form of therapy for a while, particularly because I have low Vitamin D and Iron levels, causing me to suffer from constant fatigue. My profession of educating others about balancing the mind, body, and spirit can leave me feeling exhausted at times as well. It's very important for me to take time for myself and find ways to enhance my life. 

I'm not a fan of needles, but have learned that if I don't look at my arm and distract myself by talking to the person administering the needle then I'm good to go. Overall I really enjoyed the process of this treatment. I felt very relaxed and the intravenous delivery actually made me a bit sleepy mid way through. This is not uncommon for me because I've received fluids before in the past when I had the flu, having the same experience. 

I felt more energized the next day and my skill was not as dry. The infusion caused me to urinate more frequently, due to the level of fluids given. This is completely normal and is a great sign that your body is releasing many toxins in carries. My goal is to get the express treatment of Vitamin C + B12 to help with my frequent allergies and lack of energy. I'd much rather incorporate this treatment into my life over taking oral supplements daily that I know my body isn't fully receiving due to taking them orally.

The staff at Total Body Energy took the time to educate me on which nutrients were best for me based on my lifestyle and needs. We all could use a boost of energy and as much education on our bodies as we can get, because we only have one to take us through life. I suggest visiting your General Practitioner to get bloodwork done beforehand. Bring it with you to your appointment so the physician on staff can review it. This will allow the staff to further specialize your experience. Tell them April from Footprints sent you!

Treat Ya' Self to a unique experience.

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