No Gym, No Problem

Physical fitness and exercise is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym daily can get hard when life gets in the way. Most of us live a very hectic, busy life, constantly balancing multiple responsibilities. It is not always possible to make it to the gym or a class as often as we would like, and that is okay. In this post I am going to list and explain some exercises that are super effective, and can be done at home because all you need is your bodyweight to do them!


Squats are a great exercise that can be done both weighted and unweighted! When squats are done with correct form, they work just about every muscle in your lower body, as well as your core! It is very important to be mindful of your feet, hip, and shoulder placement when squatting. Having your body out of alignment could result in chronic injuries, even when done without weights.


Pushups, ahh the infamous pushup! Not going to lie it took me a good eight months to finally be able to do a correct, good push up. A push up is quite challenging despite the looks of it. Not only are you picking up your entire body off the ground while gravity is pushing down on you, you’re also having to keep your glutes tucked in, core tight, shoulders in line, and make sure your holding that form from the minute you start until you stop! Push ups are very easily done incorrectly. The best way to start push ups is to begin doing them on your knees and really focus on the form aspect, not how low you are going.


Sit ups, one of my favorites! Full sit ups are a great exercise to do at home or at the gym. Adding some weight can up the difficulty, but even just a sit up without weight is a killer core workout! A sit up primarily works your core, consisting of your rectus abdominis and external obliques. Doing sit ups in a slow and controlled fashion is the best way to make contact with those core muscles and really feel the burn!


Cover photo: alan KO