Notice Your Non-Scale Victories

Holiday season's approaching and you know what that means... endless cheat days and late nights. It's so easy to get discouraged so I want to help you focus on the positive things you're doing to help yourself become healthier! Try focusing on:


When you hear that inner voice tempting you to run to your pantry for the sweets and chips, IGNORE IT! Fight those thoughts by grabbing a slice of watermelon or celery. 

Fruit in place of sweets: Often times when you're craving sweets your body just wants to fill the void with anything that has sugar. By replacing that candy bar with a piece of fruit you'll be shocked at how quickly you lose temptation to eat an entire bag of Hershey Kiss. Leave the smooching to your boo!

Veggies in place of chips: By eating a crunchy veggie like celery, it satisfies your brain in wanting something crunchy, such as chips! Don't go crazy on the dip if you want some because that defeats the purpose of taking the healthy road. #JustSayNo

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... from your wallet. 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... from your wallet. 


The mind is an amazing thing. I always tell myself "keep the beginning with the end in mind!" I'll admit, sometimes my mind defeats my body, but I try not to be so hard on myself unless I continue using that as an excuse, in which I go to the mirror and say, "Stop making excuses. You're worth more than that glass of wine and Netflix series."


JUST SAY NO! We live in NOLA and that may be hard to do, but it's totally possible. Try eating slower. The body takes times to digest food and when we eat quickly there's a delay in your brain responding to your body informing it that you're full. Pump the breaks and take your time. This also helps with reducing indigestion. 


My favorite quote to share with others is "it's all fun and games till your jeans don't fit!" Ain't that the truth. Persistence is the key to achieving many goals, and living a healthier lifestyle is no exception. 

We've all been there!

We've all been there!


Focus is all about mind over matter. The moment you change your thoughts is when your life changes. It's so easy to make excuses, but we're only hurting ourselves when we allow our laziness to defeat us! Trust me, I've been in this state of mind more times than I can count, but I find comfort in knowing that at anytime I have the power to start over! Make some goals and crush 'em!


When we begin experiencing symptoms of something physically our bodies have already started going through the withdrawal and change process. Ex: if you have the feeling of cotton mouth or you're thirsty your body has already been dehydrated for several hours. Bottoms up!


SAY WHHAAATTT?! How can you tell New Orleanians to reduce their beignet consumption? #TheStrggleIsReal for sure. This is by far the hardest struggle for me. When I want something sweet I try drinking coconut water. It's both hydrating and satisfies my sweet tooth... until I get a whiff of my mom's banana nut bread, then all bets are off. We can't win 'em all.

Get that tiny umbrella out!

Get that tiny umbrella out!


Now us New Orleanians know how to move when our favorite song comes on. Try doing things that you enjoy to help boost your motivation to get movin'. Our Footprints weekly Group Training classes are a great way to help with accountability and feel like you're a part of a pretty damn cool family, if I do say so myself. Pat yourself on the back for being active. 


When we speaks positively great things start to enter our lives. Have you ever been around someone who always complains and finds the negative in any situation? I see those wheels churning upstairs! How does it feel being around Debbie Downer? No fun, that's how. Don't allow yourself to be that person. Spread the positive vibes and watch the blessings you begin to receive!

Not today Sadness & Debbie Downer... not today!

Not today Sadness & Debbie Downer... not today!

Although you may not see what you want on the scale that doesn't mean your body's isn't working hard to get you where you want and need to be! Stay positive and in time you're sure to get there! Creating support system for yourself to hold you accountable and make you feel comfortable is life changing. Get your tribe in order & march on... Nola style!