Ode To A Girl's Best Friend: Pet Talk

It’s 3:30pm on a Sunday afternoon. I haven’t been home in 3 weeks and the only thing on my mind is “did I just fail that accounting exams?” I finally pull up to my house, grab my bags and walk inside. To my surprise, I am attacked at the door by 8 pounds of golden fluffiness. At that moment, all my worries went away and I was just happy to be home.

My family got my Toy Poodle, Prince two years ago. He's the sweetest, most energetic, intelligent creature that I've ever known, and I couldn't picture my life without him. He loves cars and always wants to go on an adventure around the city.

At Footprints, we stress the importance of mental, physical and emotional health.

Look at that face!

Look at that face!

Benefits Of Having A Pet

1. Lowers blood pressure

2. Lessens anxiety

3. Boosts your metabolism

4. Teaches compassion

5. Weight control

Never a dull moment with this one.

Never a dull moment with this one.

Whether you have a dog, cat, spider, bunny, turtle, or snake, sharing a bond with another special creature is the best way to live your life. Pets are loyal, listeners, and ready to play whenever you are. They give unconditional love and the feeling is priceless. Like I said, I couldn't picture life without Prince and I always remember “A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart.”

If you've wanted to add a furry friend to your family please consider adopting from our amazing non-profit organizations and shelters in New Orleans. #AdoptDontShop