Scatterbrained, Scatterbrained

Hi, my name is Kayla and I have a scatterbrain. I get excited about a topic and elaborate on that topic in my mind and before I know it, I’m somewhere else. The other day I was thinking about sleepovers I had with my cousins when growing up and this lead to me thinking about sleeping at an apartment in Suwanee, GA after Hurricane Katrina. Somehow that made me remember being at the hospital my mother worked for during Katrina, which then turned into reliving my days of playing Minesweeper because that is the only game we had access to on the computer. Sounds like one long run-on sentence.

Some people may call this just a train of thought, but scatterbrained sounds more fun! This way of thinking allows us to view life from many different aspects. I put myself in other people’s shoes and really dig deep to see another person's points of views. Have a scattered brain also means that you are passionate about many things. I go from wanting to cure cancer, ALS, to ending global warming, to wanting to be a blogger, food critic, and best selling author, all while making millions and traveling the world. Hey, at least I have goals!

The most important thing about my scattered brain, is that I love it. It's what makes me who I am and gives me the opportunity to think deeper and explore different narratives that I other wise would have no interest in. A few ways to control your thoughts without limiting your creativity is:

1. Know what you want and prioritize it

Sometimes less is truly more. It helps me to create daily to - do list and rank which task is most important.

2. Simplicity is your friend

Instead of allowing your thoughts to run on for hours, grant yourself the permission to have the thought and focus on the importance of it. Why is your brain thinking of this topic or action right now? Does that mean something? Were you influenced by something? How can it help your life?

3. Back off

Allow yourself to let your brain rest. I know, I know...that sounds impossible, but it's easier than you think. You see what I just did right there?! :) Sometimes distracting yourself is a good thing. It allows your brain to take a break from being disjointed.

So the next those thoughts start to roam free, ALLOW THEM to take flight. Just make sure you create some structure that embraces your creative spirit!