The Benefits of Foam Rolling

Are you walking like a baby giraffe after leg day? I’ve got an easy and healthy way for you to help all of your muscles recover faster! Two words...Foam Roller.


Foam rollers are used by physical therapists and many athletes to speed up muscle recovery and won’t break your bank. You can spend hundreds on deep muscle massages or purchase a foam roller for you to use at your convenience in the comfort of your own home. Foam rolling is a self-myofascial (the sticky layer in between your skin and muscles) release technique that is both effective and easy. This technique can prevent injury, provide a more efficient exchange of nutrients in the body, and increase flexibility. Using a foam roller can help increase your range of motion, increase circulation,and get you back out there kicking butt at the gym faster. And listen to this…! It can even help reduce cellulite.

Now I’ve got your attention! What are you still doing? Go treat yourself to a foam roller and keep enjoying your fitness journey