Waking Up Earlier to Benefit Your Day

Waking up 10 minutes before class starts is familiar to many college students. During this time, we narrow down what NEEDS to be done before the awful walk to class. Hygiene is usually the most important thing, at least in my case, then I grab one of my old high school t-shirts and a pair of Nike pants and go about my day.

I dread seeing people I know because it’s usually at that moment when I realize I didn’t even touch my hair that morning. Once I finally make it to class, I’m not focused and just stare at the clock waiting to get back to my dorm to hop in bed once again.

After my first semester at LSU, I realized this method isn’t going to keep my TOPS scholarship money.  So I decided to switch up my schedule. I now wake up an hour before class, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE it makes!

I now have time to start my day off right. I wake up, brush my teeth and wash my face, brush my hair, pick out the CUTEST outfit, make coffee, check my emails, and still have time to eat a bowl of Honey-Nut Cheerios and watch re-runs of Fresh Prince.

Trying this method not only works before class, but also on the way there. I put my head -phones in, put Adele on, and go about my day. I flash a smile at everyone I see especially those people who look like they just failed the most important test of their life (sometimes they NEED to see a smile). Because I take the time to get myself together in the morning, I am confident because I know I look good so I feel good.

Once I get to class I am focused on the lecture whether it be the function of vascular tissue of a plant in my Bio class or learning how many of our grandparents are on Facebook in my Digital Advertising class.

The point is, waking up earlier allowed me to get the nutrition I need, the extra energy, and the confidence I need to be successful. As a result, my grades have improved, my health is better, and I have many friends who compliment me on my extra effort in the morning.

College is a great experience and a key time to learn balance in your life and develop a schedule that could help with your transition into adulthood, Yikes! But staying on track by waking up at least an hour before class can help make that transition a little easier.