Why Recovery is SO important

Sure, everyone who workouts wants to workout every day and take no days off because obviously that’s how you lose weight faster!! Right???

WRONG! Rest and recovery time between workouts is so important to living a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining overall wellness. So many people disregard this and have a misconception that taking days off is “bad” for you when it can actually benefit you tremendously. Think about it like this, how are your muscles supposed to work at their full potential if they have no time to rest? It’s just like sleep. How are you supposed to be able to function on a daily basis if you’re not sleeping enough hours at night?

You need time to let your muscles rest and recovery from working out in order to see the best results possible. Working out and living a healthy lifestyle has so many factors that go into it other than just eating salads and running on a treadmill. Do your homework before you try some workout you saw on Instagram. Try to train the way YOUR body adapts well to, not what others do. Everyone’s fitness journey and body is different and amazing in its own way!