5 Benefits of Drinking Wine

Here at Footprints we value a healthy lifestyle… and drinking, so combining the two is like finding the Holy Grail! We all have that one friend who is always trying to convince us that a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away, but what if that friend is on to something? Here are 5 reasons to feel shameless about drinking that glass of wine.


Improves Weight Loss

Yes drinking red wine can help you stay fit… along with a good diet and exercise of course.          

An important chemical in wine called Resveratrol coverts bad fat that can cause obesity into calorie-burning fat, which the body uses for energy. So next time your friend asks what’s your weight loss secret, proudly let them know it’s a glass of red wine a day!


Keeps Teeth Healthy and White

The chemical Proanthocyanidins, which is found in grapes prevents tooth decay. It contains antioxidants, which can stop bacteria from growing in the mouth. Wine may keep our teeth healthy, but let's not get carried away; You should still brush your teeth twice a day! Just don’t be surprised when Red-wine mouthwash ends up in the Oral Health isle in Wal-Mart.


Improves Immune System

Living in New Orleans, we experience weather changes about every 3-4 minutes per day, which is not good when it comes to allergies and colds. Red wine can boost your immune system and help prevent the common cold.

A study done in Austria in 2013 showed that the chemical Resveratrol increases the immune hormone TNF-alpha, which helps fight the common cold. TNF- alpha is also key component of staving off certain cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. So yes, wine saves lives.


Aging Gracefully

We all want to age like fine wine, but what if I told you wine itself aids process? I am not joking. Drinking a glass of wine a day actually promotes healthy aging.

Doc, This isn't  exactly what I was hoping for

Doc, This isn't  exactly what I was hoping for

According to a study at the University of London, wine contains components that keep blood cells happy and healthy. Europeans even credited monks’ long lifespan to continuous and moderate wine consumption inside the monasteries. So basically, a glass of wine a day, keeps the wrinkles away. Not to mention, money saved on future face lifts and botox.


Improves Overall Well-Being

During a study in Spain, scientists gathered over 5,505 people and followed them over the course of 7 years. The research showed that those who consumed 2-7 glass of wine a week retained better overall well being and had better social skills than those who did not. For my wine drinkers out there, I bet you can vouch for this study.

Wine presents many benefits to our health, but the key is moderation. Moderation is a key component in a balanced and happy life. Now that we know why wine is good for us, after a long day of work, put your favorite guilty pleasure show on and drink that glass of wine guilt free!