Hair Styles to Survive the Summer Heat

Wow! It’s a hot time to be in New Orleans right now (literally!). Tourists visiting from all over the world, different festivals going on, and can’t forget about the food! But one thing that is often neglected during the summer time is hair care.

Now ladies, none of us want to waste our time flat- ironing our hair, just to get out in the humidity and have it frizz up anyways. So here are some tips to keep your hair cute, and frizz free in during the summer for all hair types.


Corn-rows, boxer braids, , fishtail… whatever you want to call it, now is the perfect time to "braid it up" for the summer. The best thing about braids is that you can wear them in many different ways. Here’s a few:


Braids are great for preserving your hair in the summer heat and also great for working out. Take this simple pattern and make it your own!


Not exactly the ones Sir Mix-A-Lot referred to in his hit song “Baby Got Back”, but these are just as important. Pulling back your hair into a cute bun allows for you to show off your summer glow and that fresh contour.


Next time you head out just put that mane up in a bun to keep hair out of your face as you sweat. Buns are also great for a sheik look, showing off your flashy jewelry, and that perfect business look.


I know we all go through those days where we oversleep and just don’t have the time to even think about doing our hair in the morning. That’s where headbands come in. They're a great way to preserve your hair during those humid days, while staying trendy. Here’s some ideas for a summertime headband:


Headbands and scarves are perfect for a day out in the French Quarter to a night spent being active. They especially come in handy for me after I go to the hair stylist and need a good workout. I just throw my headband on and go about my day!

Now you have the tools to preserve your hair in the NOLA summer heat while being trendy. Now get out and show off your best style or workout routine while looking flawless all in one!

XOXO Kayla