5 Reasons to Work Out Beyond a Bikini Body

Everyone knows that the most sustainable and healthiest way to look good is through diet and exercise. I mean, who doesn't want a bikini body? To stroll on to the beach and have all eyes on you, what a dream! While that's all well and good, there are plenty of other great reasons to work out. Read on to see reasons that go beyond just looking good in a bathing suit.

1. It Fights Bad Moods and Depression


Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain mental health. Studies show that working out can help stave off mood problems and treat symptoms of depression. By exercising, you release endorphins, which make you feel good and keep the blues away. Exercise also helps you gain confidence, self-esteem and contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle, which is critical for mental stability. Not to mention it keeps you sharp mentally by combating dementia and supporting memory functions.

2. Decrease Serious Health Risks

Probably the biggest benefit to staying active is the decrease in the myriad of sicknesses and diseases brought on by a sedentary lifestyle. Movement and physical activity help with so many ailments, from avoiding obesity, to maintaining heart health, improving eyesight and strengthening your bones. It's a pretty simple formula: Exercise = Healthy body = Less illness.

3. Improve Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is perhaps THE most important thing for a long and healthy life. So why not improve your sleep quality in every way you can? Research suggests that those who work out sleep much better than those who don't. So get out there and work it, then get some well deserved rest.

4. Live Longer and Better

In addition to making you feel better while you are upright, exercise can also help you live longer. It doesn't take much, just 15 minutes a day has been shown to add up to three whole years to your life. That's a lot more time to spend with your with your loved ones, more time to eat delicious snowballs, not to mention, more time to strut in that bikini!

5. Get In the Other Kind of Shape


There are obvious benefits to your physique to be gained from hitting the gym, treadmill or yoga studio. But beyond looking cute in your favorite pair of jeans lies another benefit related to those above: you'll be in better overall shape. It's nice to be shaped good, but it's even better to be in good shape. Yes your close will fit better, but you will also feel better because you'll be stronger and healthier.

The bottom line is that working out helps to make you healthy by lowering your resting heart rate and keeping you in good physical condition. That matters just as much as what size your trousers (or bikini) are.