Cute Gym Wear For An Even Cuter Price!

Okay, first off, you can never have enough gym clothes, am I right?? Not only are leggings, tank tops and sport bras wore in the gym, but athleisure has become a huge trend over the past few years. It can be hard to stay away from high end brands of workout gear, but what is even harder is looking at your wallet after the fact. A brand, is a brand, is a brand. Companies can get away with charging an arm and a leg for their products no matter how good the quality simply because of their name. I’m here to help you explore your options and save some cash! Just think, save money… more gym clothes!


I’d say leggings are the hot topic of gym wear right now. So many different brands, colors and styles, literally EVERYWHERE. Leggings are so cute but can get expensive especially depending on who is selling them. Two more affordable brands I have tried and are happy with both quality wise and money wise are:

  1. Old Navy (on sale often!)
  2. Target

*both are great quality, you can get them on sale a lot, and there is a big variety*

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Working out, especially doing high intensity exercises, require supportive, yet comfortable sports bras. Sports bras are not always seen in workout attire, but sometimes you may have an open back shirt on and want to add a little pop of color or strappy design to your gym outfit! Two brands I wear daily are:

  1. BCG
  2. Danskin

*both are super affordable, come in multiple sizes and styles, and fit nice and snug*


Tank tops and dri-fit shirts are a big part of your workout attire, mostly because without a proper shirt, workouts can be interrupted due to bagginess or complicated due to non-breathable materials. Two brands of both dri-fit shirts and tank tops I like to wear are:

  1. Danskin
  2. Athletic Works

*both have a wide variety of colors and styles, fit tight to avoid bagginess, but are still very breathable*