Do’s and Don’ts of the Gym

Gym etiquette may seem like second nature to some of us, but to others it may seem foreign. Every gym is different and has different set rules, but there are a few that remain the same pretty much all around! Down below are a few do’s and don’ts of going to the gym that will help you possibly make some friends and will help you not be the person no one likes to be around!


  • Re-rack your weights. The gym doesn’t have maids following you around picking up your stuff, plus someone else might be waiting on the weights you are using!

  • Let others work in on equipment with you. Sometimes there is only one machine available and someone else might be on a time crunch and want to share the machine as you to be time efficient!

  • Clean equipment after you use it. Gyms are at the top of the list of the dirtiest places because you are constantly spreading germs from every piece of exercise equipment you touch. Wipe down machines and weights to try and keep the gym as clean as possible!


  • JUDGE PEOPLE. Everyone is on their own journey and have their own goals, so worry about your own fitness journey and stop comparing!

  • Be obnoxiously loud. Most people are in “the zone” when they are working out and I’m sure they do not want your grunting and loud talking in the background of their work out!

  • Play on your phone. Put the phone away for the hour or however long you’re there for! Pay attention to those around you and make sure you’re not in the way with your nose in the phone.