You Should Probably Warm Up First

Warming up is something that is crucial to working out! So many times, people forget to warm up or don’t feel like doing it or use the excuse of I don’t have time to do that.

You, not stretching, probably

You, not stretching, probably

Warming up your muscles before a workout, especially when using weights, is very important. There are a ton of ways to get your muscles warmed up before a workout, for example, dynamic stretching is a very effective way. Dynamic stretching is a movement-based type of stretching. For instance, doing leg kicks before you work your glutes will really help with your exercises. Another example is doing arm circles before you work your deltoids.

Warming up does imply what it says, you are getting your muscles warmed up and alert and ready to exercise. Its almost like you are waking them up and saying “Hey we are about to start!”. Warming up can not only help with the performance of your workout, but it can also help avoid injury during exercise.

Kallie PendletonComment