Fruit Kabobs

Today's "Healthy Tip" will focus on KABOBS...fruit that is! Taking a healthy approach to a summertime staple for a refreshing snack. Get some skewers and add your favorite fruits. I love attending BBQ's and socializing with family and friends. After giving up meat a year ago I thought those days were over for me until I had an idea. I love kabobs and fruit...why not put them together. Try this fun and simple recipe.

Fruit Kabobs Recipe:


Apples (diced)

Pineapples (diced)

Kiwis (diced)

Melon (diced)



You can really add any fruit you love. I enjoy making these for barbecues or just for a great snack after a long day of work. Make as many as you'd like. This is a healthy alternative to the normal kabobs we're traditionally accustomed to eating. So the next time you have to bring some to a party, try these. Enjoy!

Remember to "Treat Ya' Self"

April :)