Gym Hair Don't Care?!

Okay, so the phrase is cute and all, BUT we all know how hard it can be to try and keep our hair looking decent after an intense workout. There is not always enough time to shower right after working out, and it can be frustrating leaving the gym to go run errands or go to work and having your hair look like you haven’t brushed it in weeks. My 3 go-to gym hair looks are listed below, they are quick, easy, and add to having a great workout. Okay, it might not really add to the workout, but hey at least you look and feel cute!!

1.      BRAIDS! Two French braids is my absolute favorite look, but this can be hard to do on yourself. A single braid down the middle works just as good and is just as cute! Braids hold your hair back nice and tight and make you look so fierce!

2.      HIGH PONY TAIL! It can be so annoying, especially with long hair, when your pony is too low and flipping all over the place. Having your hair pulled up in a high pony tail helps get your hair out the way and with a good hair tie could last you your entire workout and after. You can even add a hair band, a braid, or some waves for a nice touch!

3.      BUN! A bun, done messy or tight, can be super cute! This to me is the easiest look for the gym because all you do is throw your hair up and then secure it down if you’re going for the messy look. To add some style to a bun, you can always add some braids! I hold in my bun with a tight pony tail looped about 3-4 times and bobby pins whether messy or tight! The best thing about working out with a bun in is, once you finish your workout, if your hair winds up looking like a hot mess, just go to the locker room, and make your hair into a more controlled messy bun!

You can do so much with all three of these hairstyles to make it perfect for you and your hair! Of course, your hair style doesn’t make the workout, but having your hair not interfere with your exercises is crucial!