Is Hand Sanitizer Bad for You?

Lots of medications have side effects. Some are innocuous, and some are severe. And some medications have so many that the suppliers have to speedily read all of them at the end of the commercials, to the point of parody.


Hand sanitizer is ubiquitous these days as a quick and easy solution to one of the biggest spreaders of disease, dirty hands. Those little dispensers with the alcohol based cleaner are all over the place, but how effective are they?

Our favorite science based video dudes, AsapScience, took a look at this very question. Take a look at the interesting results:

As you can see, the best option is always to wash with soap and warm water. Also, hand sanitizer doesn't do much for greasy hands. But in a pinch, or a situation without a sink, hand sanitizer can definitely remove a good portion of germs and limit the spread of infection.