6 Reasons You Are Always Tired

Are you sleepy, tired and fatigued way too often. Do you have low energy and constantly feel like you need a boost? Well, you are not alone. Many people suffer from issues with fatigue, lack of sleep, and low energy. Here are 6 reasons why that may be:

1. Your Sleep Schedule Is Off

An obvious cause of chronic fatigue is lack of sleep. If you aren't going to bed at the same time every night, or your sleep schedule fluctuates wildly from week to week, you are very likely to feel it throughout the day. The simplest remedy for this is to get on a consistent sleep schedule (yes, that includes weekends). Try setting notifications in your phone/calendar to remind you to stop what your are doing and get the proper rest.


2. Not Enough Exercise

One great way enhance your sleep schedule is to exercise routinely. Studies show that 3-4 30 minute sessions of exercise per week are all you need to positively impact your sleep routine. This especially true over long periods of time, so get in the gym and stick with it. 

3. Caffeine 

I'm sure you knew this was coming, but of course your caffeine intake can affect your sleep. If you are pounding out those lattes or slurping up the soda, you can really throw off your body's ability to rest. As your brain starts to rely on caffeine, you'll drink it more. Consumption of coffee or energy drinks even within 6 hours before bedtime is shown to impact sleep. So cut back on the Joe and allow your body to reset naturally with slumber.


4. Alcohol

Sure, it's fun to kick back and enjoy a few cervezas every now and again. But what you don't want to do is make a habit of it that negatively effects your health. Too much alcohol before bed effects REM sleep, which is what you need for a good nights rest. It can also affect breathing and your bladder when you sleep, not to mention your motor skills and concentration when you wake up.

5. Stress + Anxiety

Millions of people suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. It's no secret that when you are stressed, you are less likely to sleep well. Try to find someone to talk to or some other way to relieve stress, not just for sleeping well, but for living well too.



6. Your Health and Biology are holding you back

Unfortunately, you might also be unlucky. One in 5 people are just straight up 'night owls'. These folks are predisposed to staying up late due to their natural biology. 

It's also possible that you have some other medical condition that's causing you to feel sleepy or tired all day. The best thing to do is to see a physician and have yourself check out.

In the meantime, stay hydrated, get some exercise, and try to get some sleep. You deserve it.