Simple Ways To Get MORE Active

Contrary to what most think, getting active does not necessarily have to be working out in a gym every day for hours. There are many ways you can get more active just within your daily routine! Some of the ideas listed below are things that some of us may already do subconsciously, and not even realize that we are “doing more” than many other people.

1. Parking further away in the parking lot.

I am not saying you need to park all the way in the back row of the parking lot all by yourself every trip to the store, but even parking just a little further than your normal “get the closest spot to the door” mindset can help you get some extra steps in!

2. Carrying your groceries to the car (if you only have a few items) instead of using a basket.

It is so easy to run in the store, grab a basket, put the few items you need in it, then roll your basket out to the car and put your two bags in. of course it is more convenient to roll your bags out, but just two bags with maybe 5 items in them should be able to be carried by a healthy individual. Ditch the basket and use those shoulder muscles to carry those bags out to the car!

3. Walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Ahh the stairs! Everyone’s worst enemy.  Why take the stairs when there is an elevator, right? Well, yes an elevator would most likely be faster and more convenient, but the stairs will get your heart rate up and your legs burning a little bit!

These three ideas seem like second nature to some people, but most of the world doesn’t even think of the benefits just changing small parts of your day can give you! Next time you are out, think about doing even just one of the above! Little changes lead up to big changes in the end.