Do's and Dont's of SALAD

“I’ll have a salad, I am on a diet!” how may times have we heard, or even said that?! There is a huge sense of misconception when it comes to eating salads when on a diet. Sure, a salad is better to order than a burger and fries…right?? Well, not necessarily. Unless you are ordering a salad with lettuce, no dressing and maybe some veggies, I wouldn’t really call a salad a healthy go to meal.


Not to say salads can’t be a healthier option, they most definitely can, but pretty much any food can be made healthier! Most restaurants serve salads that are loaded with calories, no matter what kind. The best way to eat a “healthy” salad is to simply make it yourself. If you order a Caesar salad from a chain restaurant you are typically going to get a large amount of heavy Caesar dressing tossed in with lettuce, croutons, and cheese.

Now, if you were to go home and make a Caesar salad on your own, well for one you could buy fat free cheese, or low-fat croutons, and especially fat free or lighter dressing! And you can control how much dressing and the serving size that you eat. Little things like changing the ingredients even by decreasing a few calories here and there can really affect the overall meal.

We are so quick to think a salad is the healthiest meal on the planet, but when in reality they can be just as unhealthy as a greasy burger! So y’all better watch what you are putting in that salad, because those greens may be fooling your eyes and tummy!

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