The Impact of Volunteering

In 2005, our city was devastated by hurricane Katrina. A storm New Orleanians will never forget. Families lost priceless memorabilia, loved ones, and most of all their “homes”. Although our city suffered a great lost, we decided to come together and rebuild and renew the Big Easy. Organizations all over, came together to help one another get back to our daily routine.


WHAT A CITY! Without the help of volunteers and New Orleans natives, our city would have never bounce back the way it did. Volunteering is an easy way to help others in your community and boost your sense of purpose wherever you are.

Organizations ranging from Zeus’s Rescue, Habitat for Humanity, Evamor, and even Footprints to Fitness, help make our city a happier and healthier place for everyone.  Making habits that benefit all parties can help you be productive in your community and give you that “feel good” feeling. Who dat? YOU DAT! Start volunteering and spread your NOLA love with the world. Your journey starts today.