Why Pilates?

No pain, no gain, right? Not always! The truth is, whether you like it or not, our bodies our constantly changing and aches and pains are no stranger.  Pilates is a specialized exercise that has been adapted by many sport and rehabilitation professionals to increase strength, endurance and flexibility. One common problem that comes along with aging is decrease muscle tissue and shifts is postural stability and mobility. Low back pain caused by an increased lumbar curve can become very painful if not treated properly. Without proper care, low back pain can become chronic and unbearable.


Pilates includes three main principles; awareness of the body, conscious use of the muscles and awareness of muscle messages and joints range of motion. With these principles in mind and the actual participation in Pilates exercise, excessive pressure and stretching on the muscle can be prevented. Concentration and maintaining proper alignment can delay or reverse the negative effects of aging on the body.  Living with low back pain is cancelled. Get up and get moving! Pilates is a fun and easy way to get you back to a happy and healthy life. Gain strength, endurance and flexibility no matter your age.