Washing Your Hands: The Easiest Way to Stop Germs

Make sure you wash your hands!” How many times have we been told or told someone that? A LOT I’m sure! Washing your hands is something we have been taught since we were tiny little toddlers to do!

Now, do you think as you get older you are more prone to washing your hands or you fall away from this extremely helpful and cautious action? Well, some would say as they get older they find themselves washing their hands literally all day, whereas others say they find themselves feeling so rushed that they barely even touch the sink..even in the restroom! I know personally that I see plenty of teenage/young adults go into the restroom and don’t even look at the sink after they do their business…GROSS! I also see how my mother is always washing her hands, at least once every hour.


Whether she is home or not, she is always either at a sink or using her hand wipes after everything she does! I guess you could say age plays a factor, but so does family life and even job field. For instance, if you are a nurse, most of the time you get into the habit of washing your hands multiple times during a 12 hour shift, whereas if you are a P.E Coach, you may spend more time teaching students how to play sports and not be washing your hands as much. Regardless of any of the scenarios listed above, washing your hands is a quick and easy way to keep you and those around you more healthy!