Why Sleep is SO Important

SLEEPING! One of my favorite things to do, seriously! Sleeping is oh so important to our health and it is always the thing people seem to lack the most of.

I get it, it’s not always ideal to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night when you have a job, a family, are a college kid or just have other responsibilities in general. It may not be ideal or even possible for everyone, but one thing that is possible is getting a good night rest despite the number of hours. Of course, if you can and have the time to get yourself on a better sleeping schedule than going to bed at 1 am and waking up at 5 am every night then start prioritizing and take care of your body not just by exercising, but getting proper rest!

Now if you are unable to get a full night’s rest, doing things as simple as getting a better pillow or sleeping in a different position can really impact your quality of sleep. Sleep is such an important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. Getting a good night’s rest can help you accomplish more the next day, put you in a better mood and make your body literally feel better. Lack of sleep can really take a toll on our bodies especially if it is happening over a prolonged period of time. As hard as it is, making time for ourselves and prioritizing our health is necessary.