Fad Diet = Bad Diet

How many times have ya’ll seen headlines like, “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days!” or “Lose belly fat 3x as fast with thids!” I know I have seen these A LOT! There is a crazy amount of false marketing and advertisement regarding health and fitness. So many of us fall into the big headlines and fad diets of the year and find out the hard way that these “quick fixes” are not the way to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fad diets have been around FOREVER! From the cabbage soup diet, to the detox teas, these are all considered to be fads. The first and most important step to living a healthy lifestyle is to accept and understand that there is no quick fix to losing weight and toning up. These things come with an overall lifestyle change and consistency. Even if you are successful on one of these 30 day challenges you see on Cosmopolitan, you more  than likely will not maintain the weight loss, nor change your overall lifestyle and eating habits.


There is an immense amount of research showing the amount of failed diets that began from a fad. Once you fully understand that changing your eating habits and incorporating physical activity into your weekly schedule is the sole way to lose weight and gain muscle, things are going to be much easier! We all want the dream body, but most of us don’t want to put the work in, we want a quick over night fix. Making small changes never fails to be the best route to take. Starting small will lead into big results, I can promise you that. Stay consistent, stay positive, set goals and achieve them!