How to Stay Motivated

Ahh, motivation! The hardest thing to stay on top of especially when trying to get back into the gym. Motivation is not something that happens overnight, and it is not something that we necessarily feel on a day to day basis. Sometimes it can seem like we are more unmotivated than motivated when starting a fitness journey. It can be hard to get to the gym, but I guarantee after you are there and have an awesome workout you will be so happy you decided to go!


When looking for motivation, one big question you should ask yourself is simply why. Why do you want to become physically active? What are you trying to accomplish? Is this realistic? In order for you to even start a fitness journey, you must have a reason. Maybe you are trying to shred some pounds, or put on some muscle, whatever the reasoning, think about that goal you have set on days you are feeling unmotivated.

 The number reason I stay motivated most days is because I have found a passion through working out. When I go to the gym, I am generally going because I love it! It is not only a huge stress reliever for me, but it is also just a fun hobby. Going to the gym and lifting weights may not necessarily be your forte, so exploring different ways to workout and finding your niche is a good idea. Try weights, then try the elliptical and then the treadmill. Decide what you like and what you don’t like, and then come up with a workout regime! No one wants to go to the gym and force themselves to run on the treadmill if they hate the treadmill. Regardless of what form of training you like, physical activity has a numerous amount of benefits and I promise, once you begin to see even the slightest amount of progress, you’ll be hooked!